Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lost Hero

    The lost hero is one of the most brilliant books i have ever read! I couldn't put it down for a moment! Rick Riordan is the most fantastic author, (And personally my favorite!) the way he gets inside your head and makes you believe your in the book is amazing! There is no way someone could possibly hate this book!
    The Lost Hero is about a boy (Jason) and his friends (Piper and Leo) going on an willed and exiting adventure to find a goddess and save the world from the rising of the giants!
    Never before have i been so in-tacked into a book, And the ending will leave you speechless! I strongly advise you to read this book! And no you don't have to read the previous Percy Jackson books to understand this amazing book, though  i do suggest you do read the Percy Jackson books! And if you loves this book as much as i did then you should read the sequel "The Son of Neptune"
    Now don't wait another moment go buy or downlode this amazing book!

    I will try to read a new book every month or so and post updates on them every one or two weeks! Check next week for my review on "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett!